Why is my candle tunneling?

Your first burn must be approximately 2-3 hours OR until your candle reaches a complete melt pool (melted wax from edge to edge) before you blow your candle out. Doing this will ensure an even burn throughout your candle's life.

Why is there a lot of smoke when I light my candle?

We recommend that you trim your wick. Ensure your wick is always trimmed to 1/4" before you relight your candle. Your first burn should be ready, as I properly trim each wick before shipping. Before you relight your candle, gently pinch (or cut) the burnt tips of your wick.

Why are there wet spots in my candle?

Moisture spots are a normal occurrence in candles, resulting from temperature variations during the cooling process. These spots do not impact the candle's burning performance.

Where do you ship?

We currently only ship within the U.S., PR and Canada.